The Story

Who was Queen Esther?

In the biblical book “Esther” a young Jewish woman who lived in the Parisians diaspora , finds favor with the king. She becomes queen and risked her life to save the Jewish people from destruction.

A court official named Haman persuaded the king to authorize a massacre against all the Jews of the empire. Esther, who was an orphan became the foster child of her cousin, Mordecai.

Due to the parental role Mordecai played in her life, she became the queen of the nation and saved her people from impending doom. Esther  achieved greatness because of the unconditional love, parental support, covering and guidance from her cousin Mordecai; a care giver after her parents died.

Queen Esther Program

Just as Haman threatened the future of the Israelites, drugs, abuse, neglect, crime, systemic racism, separation, poverty, and diseases are today’s Haman that threaten our children’s future. Just like Mordecai nurtured, empowered and encouraged the child that would-be Queen, the Queen Esther Program seeks the modern-day Mordecai; people within the faith community, to do the same for children entering the child welfare foster care system.

Mission and Vision

We are the community foundation for the Capitol Region of Connecticut—your community foundation—committed to bringing together resources, both human and financial, to improve the lives of all residents. Our work is only possible through the dedication of our partners: donors, nonprofit agencies, professional advisors and community and business leaders.