Potential Families

Who are our Children?

They’re like all children

  • • Infants

  • • Sibling Groups

  • • Kind

  • Dependent

  • Confused

  • • All socioeconomic levels

  • Adolescents • Diverse

  • Resilient

  • • Afraid

  • Trauma

  • All Communities

Who Is a Queen Esther Foster Caregiver?

• Believe in God as Creator

CT resident & US citizen • 21 years or older

Steady, reliable income

In good health

• Safe home

Background check

What should a Queen Esther Program Licensed Caregiver expect?

Access to supportive services

Prayer and personal consultation

Access to professional development 

Assigned to Support Workers

Peer groups

Peer support

Family activities

Ongoing assistance

Respite care

What is the assignment “The Call”?

Mordecai, in Esther 4:14(b) NIV “And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” How many of our young Queens and Kings need to hear “for such a time as this?” How many need a Mordecai pouring into them, loving on them, and lifting them to thrive which leads to fulfilling their purpose and impacting a generation to come? They are the Esther’s of this time. Are you the Mordecai, for such a time as this? Will you answer the call?

Queen Esther Program family expect?

In most cases:

  • • Connection: To maintain relationship and ties with parents and kin

  • Familiarity: To stay in his/her community and remain in their neighborhood school

  • Services: To receive quality services that address their needs (academic, social, behavioral, mental, health etc.)

  • Support: To receive supports

  •   – to thrive

Mission and Vision

We are the community foundation for the Capitol Region of Connecticut—your community foundation—committed to bringing together resources, both human and financial, to improve the lives of all residents. Our work is only possible through the dedication of our partners: donors, nonprofit agencies, professional advisors and community and business leaders.